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Tiina Kivinen

The Valley of Happiness 22.08.–14.09.2019


”The work of printmaker Tiina Kivinen has taken her to the treeless arctic, but her heart is in
the forests of her native Finland”
- “Woodland Spirit” article by Christian House in Christie’s Magazine June-July 2018

Tiina Kivinen bought part of a forest in 2017 and was inspired to create an art project spanning over a number of years based on the theme of “the forest”. The project began in Norwegian Spitsbergen, where the global seed vault for crop diversity is located

She was on expedition photographing and filming the barren, but fascinating nature - despite the ever present danger of polar bears - and was tirelessly looking for motives and inspiration for her works. From the permafrost tree seed storage her path led to her own forest in the “valley of happiness” in the southeast of Finland. The topics of the multi- year project are forest and forest aesthetics. The human being and his forest experience as well as the forest diversity and uniqueness are in its focus.

Kivinen is interested in the balance between the forest planning and the natural development and growth of the forest. In this project she is not only making original graphics but also installation and documentary.

In her prints, Tiina Kivinen masters old techniques of intaglio family such as mezzotint and drypoint. Using these time-consuming printmaking techniques can be seen as a quiet protest against the ever-quickening pace of life.

Kivinen’s artworks have an outstanding quality. Kivinen’s art, white and especially black empha size a few colours. Physical and delicate drypoint lines bring balance to mezzotint surfaces.




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