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We do our utmost to ensure that the images reproduced in our Online Gallery are as true to the originals as possible. Nevertheless, the appearance of individual images will vary slightly from one computer to another; and the actual prints within a series can in some cases contain small dissimilarities. Any actual variation existing between multiple prints in a series will be noted beneath that print’s image in our Online Gallery.

All works reproduced online include a note below the image stating the actual size of the original print.

We apologize beforehand for any errors in spelling and/or the posting of prints that are sold out.

Every print sold at Kunstverket Galleri is an original work of art signed by the artist.


Delivery Policy

Orders made to Kunstverket are handled continuously throughout our opening hours, and are shipped as quickly as possible. Shipping terms are as follows:

  • Private customers within Norway will have their packages sent to their nearest post office unless alternative arrangements are previously agreed upon with Kunstverket Galleri. 150 NOK per shipment, comes in addition to the picture price.
  • Business customers registered with Kunstverket Galleri  will be charged 150 NOK per shipment.
  • Artwork can be picked up in person at Kunstverket Galleri, at no additional charge.
  • If multiple pieces are ordered simultaneously, we will ship them together as a single package. The customer will then be charged only a single handling fee of 150 NOK.
  • Shipping for framed images is kr. 300, - per image within Norway. We do not ship framed images abroad.
  • Kunstverket Galleri does not charge additional processing fees for orders made over the Internet.
  • With purchases of over 2.000 NOK per image, a mandatory tax of 5% of the item’s cost is charged. This fee goes towards the Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (Visual Artist’s Fund).

Shipping abroad:

  • The costumer will be contacted by Kunstverket Galleri with shipping costs. The buyer is required to pay all sales and uses taxes, VAT, export and/or import taxes and duties, and any other transactional taxes or levies related to the purchase of the goods.
  • Kunstverket Galleri will send the package from Norway as soon as we have received the payment. The costumer can pay by bank transfer to our euro bank account or we can charge credit card. The credit card will be charged in NOK and we use current exchange rate. Kunstverket Galleri will contact the costumer with more information about payment


Art Fee 

  • With purchases of over 2.000 NOK per image, a mandatory tax of 5% of the item’s cost is charged. This fee goes towards the Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (Visual Artist’s Fund). In accordance with the law, BKH will manage the funds collected, the money is returned to the Norwegian artists through grants and funding. For more information: www.kunstfond.no 


Value-Added Tax on Art

  • Art that is not traded in the artist`s own name, requires VAT. This is automatically calculated and included in the order amount when you shop at Kunstverket Galleri. The fee is calculated according to Merverdiavgiftsloven§ 4-5. This applies to all works of art with item no. 16-30.
  • For other value-added tax-mandatory sales, such as framing and shipping, VAT is required.


Exception for VAT on Art sold through an Intermediator

  • Artwork sold by the artist himself or through an intermediator in the artist`s name, there is an exception for VAT. Kunstverket Galleri sell art as an intermediator for artists in the artist`s own name and on the artist`s expense. Intermediary sale apply to works of art with item no. 10-15 and 09. (refer here to: merverdiavgiftsloven (mval.) § 3-7 (4)).


For you as a costumer, this means that you are buying art from the artist himself, and the artist is considerd to be the contracting party, with Kunstverket Galleri functioning as a "middle-man". Any complaint on the artwork is the responsibility of the artist. 

The rights of ownership for original prints lie with the artist until full payment for the print is made(refer here to: Panteloven §3-14 and 3-22).


Returns/Cancellation Policy

Our rules and regulations regarding returns and cancellations are in accordance with those established in the Norwegian Kjøpsloven, Angrerettloven, E-handelsloven, Markedsføringsloven, Kredittkjøpsloven and Personopplysningsloven.

A 14-day cancellation right, valid from the time when the order is placed, applies to all items purchased through our online store.

Credit can be accorded only to the same credit/debit card that was used when the original order was made.

Kunstverket Gallery functions as a “middle-man” for our artists. The rights of ownership for original prints lie with the artist until full payment for the print is made (refer here to: Panteloven §3-14 and 3-22).

For more information visit: www.lovdata.no


Personal Information

All personal information given to Kunstverket Galleri through our online store is handled strictly internally, by Kunstverket,Galleri and will not under any circumstances be passed on to a third person/party.



Prints will be sent unframed unless otherwise arranged. If you wish for an image to be framed, kindly cross off your option on our online ordering form, and we will contact you as soon as possible for more details.

Kunstverket Galleri do not ship framed prints abroad.

For more information, please contact us at: gallerist@kunstverket.no or by telephone: 23 23 41 50.



You can also buy art from Kunstverket Galleri on Artsy: https://www.artsy.net/kunstverket-galleri

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