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Art has the power to enhance and even to create a building or business’ identity and atmosphere, while providing aesthetic pleasure, inspiration and a sense of unity. More and more often businesses have turned to art as a way of promoting their external image and improving their internal sense of environment.

Kunstverket is Norway’s leading source of commissioned groups of artworks for private companies and public institutions. Over the past 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to amassing considerable experience in composing unique and charming solutions that unite art with architecture.

We offer the benefit of trained and competent professionals backed by an extensive network of national and international artists. Our reference list is considerable, and our projects extend from the placing of single works of art to broader endeavours integrating numerous artworks within a larger architectural environment.

Our initial evaluation is based upon a combined consideration of our customer’s allotted budget and desired vision. After a subsequent examination of the location and/or building plans, we are able to offer a variety of possibilities.

We are your single-source provider for all artistic solutions; and it is our fervent wish to continue creating exciting, one-of-a-kind answers to each and every project that we take on.


• Analysis of the project and possibilities, and advising
• Creating a variety of suggestions based on the customer’s budget and desired vision
• Drawing up contracts with all parties involved
• Initiating and maintaining dialogue with artists and suppliers
• Fitting, assembly and completion of all necessary elements
• Actualization of the project


In cases where a pre-existing collection is in need of refurbishment, Kunstverket Gallery works on an hourly commission. We personally take care of all documentation, valuating, mounting, assembly and/or reframing of artworks.


The joining of art and architecture serves to create an environment that both reflects and builds upon a business’ image and value. By fashioning a fresh identity and visibility, artworks will act as a source of inspiration and atmosphere, as well as a catalyst in creating new external relationships. Art that is professionally selected and arranged will make a location remarkable and memorable, and will increase its charm and overall value.

The act of constructing a building that can stand alone as a symbol of a company or organization’s image requires a unique and unifying concept envisioned by professional artistic advisors. It is especially beneficial to begin the planning of such a project during initial construction, when the advisor will have the advantage of working together with builders and architects throughout the process. 


Entryways  •  Reception  •  Meeting & Conference Rooms  •  Cafeterias  •  Landscapes

Advice from an experienced artistic advisor is vital to success in incorporating art in a unified way within an architectural space. The overall goal in such a project is to strengthen a business’ profile while simultaneously shaping a healthful, engaging and valuable environment for visitors and employees alike.

Many businesses already make use of artworks such as paintings, sculpture and graphics, to draw attention to their locale. Modern architecture’s focus on open offices and glass walls and facades is another such tactic. These pre-existing aspects open up for new, innovative solutions such as the integration of artworks into the construction of the building itself, the installation of free-standing objects, arranging specific lights and/or forms of lighting, or selecting artwork which is mounted directly onto glass walls and surfaces.

Kunstverket stands alone in our broad and varied selection of artists both national and international; and we offer samples of art from all contemporary techniques and genres. We endeavour to ensure our continued awareness of the very latest developments within the artistic world, and we maintain the highest standards of quality, originality and durability of value with each and every piece that we represent.


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