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Kunstverket Galleri at London Original Print Fair ONLINE 2021


Kunstverket Galleri is proud to present present works by Frank Brunner, Marika Mäkela, Magne Furuholmen, Sidsel Westbø, Ørnulf Opdahl, Sverre Bjertnes, Ellen Karin Mæhlum, Patrick Huse, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Erling Valtyrson, Arne Bendik Sjur, Tony Cragg og Richard Deacon.

The London Original Print Fair is the longest-running specialist print fair in the world. Bringing together some 50 international exhibitors with expert print knowledge, LOPF provides an opportunity to buy contemporary prints and rare works by modern and old masters.  





Kunstverket Galleri is a leading gallery for contemporary fine art prints based in central Oslo. Our main focus is to promote and display high quality works on paper of artists from the Nordic countries.

Nordic printmaking as a tradition started when Edvard Munch (1863-1944) experimented with graphic art as a contemporary medium in the 1890s. Building on these traditions, Nordic artists have since evolved printmaking. Common influences being a melancholic sense, and a strong connection to the characteristic nature of the Nordic regions. Every print represented by Kunstverket Galleri holds an internationally high standard of craftsmanship.

Kunstverket at London Original Print Fair 2019


Frank Brunner: Blue Wake, 2021, etching, 71x95cm (motif)

Frank Brunner (born 1971, Norway) studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the Ilya Repin St. Petersburg Academy and received his MFA from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He has participated in dozens of exhibitions and art fairs domestically and internationally, including those in Oslo, New York, Paris, Berlin and Luxemburg. Graphics is an important part of Brunner's artistry and he works with great craftsmanship. Not infrequently, he mixes different graphical techniques in one print, giving a depth effect and tactility that enhance the visual expression. The motives themselves also often have an ambiguity in them, they balance between the urban and the rural, between culture and nature. In some motifs we see traces of people, but in most we can only imagine that people are not so far away.


Marika Mäkela: Structures II, etching, 79x40cm (motif)

Marika Mäkela (born 1947, Finland) is one of Finland’s leading painters and printmakers, and her works has achieved great international attention. Her works are characterized by expressive colours and the use of primitive symbols, ornaments and characters of ancient Islamic and Chinese cultures. In her graphic works she explores the use of different techniques and methods, including photoetching, aquatint and metallic printing inks.


Magne Furuholmen: What we couldn`t shake, 2020, woodcut, 50x35cm (motif)

Magne Furuholmen (born 1962) is a Norwegian artist, musician and composer based in Asker, Norway. During the 1990s Furuholmen started his career as a visual artist working with sculpture, printmaking and woodcut. From early on, Furuholmen has developed a unique artistic expression. The subject matter of interest ranges from personal experiences, literature, historical events, art history, music and anagrams. Latin and English are central in Furuholms works. With a strong and poetic visual language, Furholmen plays with the balance of the seduction of colours and sharp lines. Magne Furuholmen has been widely exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions, and he is extensively collected in Europe and Asia


Sidsel Westbø: Clouds over landscape 3, 2017, drypoint and surface print, 46x46cm (motif)

Sidsel Westbø(born 1943, Norway), one of Norway’s foremost graphic printmakers. She has throughout her career worked almost exclusively with a combination of dry point and metal printing. She works with abstract motifs, usually in series, creating rhythmic works often inspired by nature and architecture. She is represented in several major collections including British Museum and The National Museum of Art in Oslo.


Please see a presentation of all the artists and selected works at LOPF online.



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